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Attending an Informational Session is the first step in our enrollment process. Our next Sessions are Tuesday, February 3rd or 24th at 11:45 AM.

Please RSVP by calling 540.680.4111 or email


Covenant Christian Academy exists to assist parents in educating their children in a way that is both academically excellent and honoring to God, preparing students for higher academics as well as a life of serving Christ whole heartedly. A University Model School® combines the best of private, public, and home schooling into one successful and affordable model.

Are you the parent of a traditional public or private school student? CCA is an affordable, high quality, college-preparatory alternative that gives you more time for staying in touch with your kids and guiding the formation of their character through their most critical years of physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development.

Are you a home schooling parent? We firmly believe and support that parents are first and foremost responsible for their children's education. CCA is philosophically compatible with your deepest heart values, uniquely adaptable to your family’s situation, a resource as your children grow into the secondary grades, and a harbor from burnout. The partnership between parent and Christian educator that is the hallmark of CCA is a trust relationship based on a mutual desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that is taught to our children.

To learn more about University-Model Schooling, visit the National Association of Univeristy-Model Schools website.


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Training hearts & minds for the glory of God

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CCA shall make no distinction in its admission or operating policies with regard to an individual's race, color, or national and ethnic origin because we recognize that there can be no preferential treatment with God (Romans 2:11).